Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Title Page

Non-Vegan ‘Food’ & Child Pornography: A former victim of child sexual abuse makes a screaming plea for help
By: Ann Onymous

“Ben Hackman wants you to know that he loves you, cherishes you, and wishes you nothing but the best. But please, don’t eat animals. Have a heart.”
–Ben Hackman, Facebook status for August 1st, 2009

“What he said.”
–Ann Onymous

Table of Contents
Part 1 - Introduction (1 and 1/4 pages)
Part 2 - My story (2 and 1/2 pages) [Note: Part 2 has been removed.]
Part 3 - Animal suffering and human indifference (2 and 1/2 pages)
Part 4 - Veganism (3 pages)
Part 5 - Conclusion (1/4 of a page)
Appendix 1 – Nutrition: Vegan meals with 100% or more of key nutrients
Appendix 2 – Nutrition: Vegan foods high in key nutrients
Appendix 3 – Health benefits of veganism

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Appendix 1:
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